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Welcome to the wonderful experience of massage. Massage therapy is an ancient healing practice that has some how been removed from regular life and labeled "a luxury." However, massage is not a luxury. It is a tool for maintaining our most important and irreplaceable asset...our body. Do what you can to prevent injury to your body and way of life. Schedule now...
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Neuromuscular Massage

Is a pinpoint massage technique that helps relieve symptoms like numbness in the fingers or crick in the neck for example. The therapist warms the muscles up with massage strokes; then applies pressure to the trigger point area trying to stay within your comfort level (between 7-8 on a scale of 1-10 of no pain/PAIN ratio). Once the number decreases or goes away the muscle will release and relax. Usually not a full body massage because it generally takes time to get muscles to release. $70/ Hr