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The Give To Receive Program was started to bring awareness to the many benefits  of massage. Doing something good for your health, such as receiving massages, should make you feel great and that great energy  should be shared with all that may come in contact as well. But more important than that, the Give To Receive Program was started to bring awareness to the many local charities that need our continuous support. Support that goes beyond just during the holidays or awareness months. The Give To Receive Charity Program offers you the opportunity; when you pay for a full price  session, to choose from participating charities to donate 10% of the purchased price. So why not join us for an hour to not only rejuvenate but also help a local organization that is doing great things in our community? Here are the participating organizations:

                                 1.)Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama: Help find a cure for breast Cancer                                         by funding promising breast Cancer Research and to motivate community                                                       awareness and funding for that research. www.bcrfa.org




                                     2.)Grace House Ministries: Non-profit organization that provides stable Christian                                                 homes for girls from crisis backgrounds with the commitment to developing                                                  mature,godly women. www.grace-house.org


                                     3.)Greater Birmingham Humane Society:Mission is promote the Humane treatment                                          of animals and people through education, advocacy and services. www.gbhs.org




                                      4.)Rebecca's Gift:  A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in Northeast Ohio is                                                            dedicated to providing family vacations after the death of a child to support and                                            assist their healing process through a place to relax,rebuild,and reconnect.                                                      www.rebeccasgift.org


                                       5.) Three Hots And A Cot:A 501 (c ) (3) organization formed by veterans to help                                                     veterans. Primary mission is to assist homeless veterans transition from life on                                                the streets into a self-sustaining lifestyle. www.cotsforvets.org

Taking care of the Whole Being that is you is more than just our mission statement; it is our standard. The Give To Receive Program was started to show people a holistic way of taking care of themselves. It also, helps them to do something just as meaningful for those in need in the community. We will donate 10% of the price you would  pay for a massage to help bring awareness to local charities that need our continuous support. Call us today to show support for the organization that means something dear to you.