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Gift Certificates & Packages

A massage gift certificate is a thoughtful great idea no matter the special ocassion. It gives the gift recipient the opportunity to find the perfect time for them to schedule their appointment. So purchase the gift of relaxation and convenience today right here and receive an email copy or have a hard copy mailed out at no additional charge. When purchasing any gift certificate, voucher, coupon or package PLEASE CHECK AND REMIND YOUR GUEST TO CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE


Massage therapy is an ancient healing practice that has become labeled a luxury and removed from our every day lives. Massage is a tool for maintaining our most important assets...OUR BODY.  Our Wellness Plan is designed with this in mind;to help our clients to affordably incorporate regular massages in their budgets to maintain good over-all health and well-being.


There's NO Membership and NO monthly bank withdrawals...you pay for what you want upfront. You can use the massage package to share with friends and family or give as gift certificates. You have A Year from the date of purchase to use them. So if you miss coming a month or so you dont lose them. You are still restricted to the 24 hour cancellation policy however but that's it.

We offer  Romantic Couple's massage as well. This requires scheduling two therapists to be available so appointments should be scheduled WELL in ADVANCE.  $150/Couple

1Hour Massage Swedish or Deep Tissue $70
90 Min Massage Swedish or Deep Tissue $100
2Pack Wellness Plan: 2 One Hr Massages $130  (you save$10)
3Pack Wellness Plan: 3 One Hr Massages $180  (you save$30)
4Pack Wellness Plan: 4 One Hr Massages $200 (you save$80)
5Pack Wellness Plan: 5 One Hr Massages $225 (you save$125)





Detoxify Your Body  ~ Feel Better
Your body can become acidic from an acid-rich diet, from toxic overload, and from emotional stress.Acidic pH balance decreases your body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals, food supplements and other nutrients and decreases cellular energy production as well as hindering the natural process for repairing damaged cells. It also decreases your ability to detoxify heavy metals and fatty acids causing them to build up in your body and can lead to formation of tumor cells and makes you more susceptible to fatigue and illness. A Regular scheduled regiment of treatments will help to keep the toxin levels down and body pH levels in balance.

The Ion Detox Foot Spa is designed to help balance your body’s pH level. Some studies have shown that after just one 30 minute treatment, a persons pH balance can be restored from acidic levels to a healthy alkaline level thus making the Ion Detox Foot Spa a very effective method of not only detoxifying but also for balancing the body’s pH.


Improves Sleep

Increases Energy

Balance Body pH Levels

Removes Heavy Metals 

Relieves Arthritic Pain

Boosts Immune System

Improves Circulation

Relieves Gout

Increases Metabolism

Aids in Weight Loss

Reduces Fluid Retention

By allowing the body to re-activate and re-charge the positively charged (unbalanced) cells in the body; individuals will feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well being from each Ion Detox Foot Spa treatment.

Affordable at Only $30


I. Steam Only: relaxing, stress relieving and detoxing  $25



II. Sore Muscles & Painful Joint Relief: sooth away aches from tired muscles and aching arthritis joints. Also aids in relief of Fibromyalgia $75 4/15 min sessions 



III. Relaxing Royal Lavender Aromatherapy: distressing mind bliss treatment that calms the mind and aids in a restful sleep. $75 4/15 min sessions



IV. Weight Loss/ Cellulite Reduction: advance treatment to help aid in a healthy weight journey. $500 Total 8 Sessions (2/30 min/wk for a month

Salt room therapy often includes Himalayan salt bricks or lamps  while also taking things a step farther to include breathing in air with a salt concentration that is meant to produce an effect that is roughly the equivalent to spending three days at the beach in just 15 minutes in a salt room. 
Halotherapy, also known as dry salt therapy, got its modern start in the early 1800s when an Eastern European doctor discovered that people working in salt mines rarely had respiratory issues (unlike other miners) and their skin often looked younger.
A growing body of scientific research shows that salt therapy can treat various illnesses. It can also help prevent colds or flus. Even more, there are no known drug interactions or side effects from halotherapy
Himalayan salt contains approximately 84 natural elements that our bodies can absorb and use for multiple purposes.
These include:
• Iodine: Aligns deficiencies in the body. It also ensures proper function of the thyroid gland which controls metabolism and regulates body weight.
• Magnesium: Relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue, prevents heart disease, increases cardiovascular health and controls inflammation.
• Calcium: Natural anti-allergen.
These vital minerals and micronutrients are dispersed into the air. This is done via a halogenerator or water cascade. And this enriches the environment with negative ions to be absorbed by the body. (45 minutes $45)